Getaway Brigade

We travel to be delighted.

We travel to be disappointed.

We travel to leave our cares behind.

We travel for the love of food, thrill of adventure, and the company of friends. We travel to leave our comfort zone. We travel to break barriers and enrich lives.

We travel to make discoveries.

We travel to let go of that which we don’t need and to keep close the things we do.

We travel to grow.

We travel to find home again.

We travel to share stories.

We travel to make memories no amount of money can buy. We travel to keep ourselves young. We travel to open our hearts. We travel to understand the world beyond our own.

We are the Getaway Brigade, and this is why we travel!

Bryce and Sharon

Sharon Su and Bryce McLaughlin are a young, adventure-loving couple from the San Francisco Bay Area. Both have day jobs, but never miss an opportunity to see the world. Their adventures have taken them through the Americas, Europe, and Asia and they continue to explore the world around them.