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February 18th, 2014 by

Hello? Anyone there? I have an announcement.

We are not dead.

I know it’s been total radio silence on our end for more than a month, and we have our reasons, promise. We both got new jobs—Bryce completely switched fields, and I’m collecting day jobs like they’re limited edition Beanie Babies, so it’s been pretty busy on the home front.

So, in this post, I wanted to assure you that we’re here, we’re fine, and we’re still going to blog, though we may not be posting as regularly as we used to be.

The other heads-up I wanted to give you, dear readers, is that our posts for the next couple of months will concentrate less on getaway recaps and photos, and more on tips and reviews; this is because we’re traveling a little less this year than last year. We’re also thinking about opening up the floor to some guest bloggers, so if you’re interested in blogging for us, feel free to hit us up.

We do have several posts in the work, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading.

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