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If you’re anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with the first half of December because on one hand, you get to shop for presents! Yay! But on the other hand, YOU HAVE TO SHOP FOR PRESENTS, OH NO.

Well, while shopping for my family and friends these past few weeks, I found a lot of travel-related items that would make great gifts. So for you, Getaway Brigade readers, I’ve put together a huge gift guide that’ll help you narrow down The Perfect Present for the travelers (or potential travelers!) in your life.

And you know what? Our gift guide got so big, I split it into seven parts. That’s right, seven. This gift guide is like Voldemort’s soul. We’re going to post a new gift guide every single day this week!

Today is Part 1—gift ideas for your parents, probably the hardest people to shop for, ever.

(I’m aware that as our parents read this blog, this post might somewhat ruin the Christmas surprise for them, UNLESS, MOM AND DAD AND BRYCE’S MOM AND DAD, YOU DON’T READ THIS POST, THANKS! COME BACK TOMORROW, THERE WILL BE A NEW POST!)

1. Pill organizer.
I know this might be a little weird, and I myself would never have thought of it, but on a trip with Bryce’s parents, his mom showed me her pill organizer, which she deemed one of the best things she’d bought for the trip. Depending on how many vitamins or medications your parent takes, you could get them either a larger AM/PM organizer or a smaller folio-type box.
(Update 12/11: just spotted the Sabi pill folio on Fab!)

2. Travel kettle.
I know I’ve already enthused about the joys of having your hot beverage of choice always at the ready; it’s a wonderful little luxury, and parents totally. get. it. Unless your own parents are totally anhedonic and take no pleasure out of anything in life (and maybe they are, I don’t know your parents) they’ll really appreciate this. We ourselves use a cheap plastic kettle but you should treat your parents right and get them a nice stainless steel one.

3. Grid-It organizer.
I think this is something that everyone will appreciate, but parents especially so; a Grid-It is a really versatile web of tightly woven elastic that holds all the little things that would otherwise be rolling around in little pouches or the bottom of your bag.

4: Dedicated quart bag and containers for liquids.
I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible: parents seem to have trouble with the TSA liquid restrictions. I’m not picking on any one person here; it seems that every parent I know has a hard time understanding that all your liquids have to go in the liquids bag. So to make it easier for the wonderful people who raised you, get them some properly-sized containers for their liquids, and a dedicated, reusable quart-sized bag to put those containers in.

Got any other travel-related gift ideas for the parents in your life? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift guide!

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