Getaway Brigade

This story was individually blogged about by Sharon and Bryce on their personal blogs. It has been adapted for the Getaway Brigade.

Sometimes the everyday grind gets a little overwhelming, and even if you have a getaway on the horizon, the urge to escape can get really tempting. But what kind of people just up and run away for a spontaneous weekend getaway?

We are. We are that kind of people.

One afternoon, we found ourselves facing an uneventful Saturday evening, of which there have been too many in recent memory for our taste. We are young, high-powered, adventure-seeking people after all—but the usual alternatives seemed rather dull. Dinner and a movie? So passé. Life is only as interesting as you make it.

So without stopping to really think about it, we each threw a change of clothes into a single duffel bag, hopped into my car, and drove to the airport with no idea where the day would take us. There was no time for thinking or regret. We were in need of adventure, we are young, and the time to pull impetuous stunts like this is now.

Upon parking, we walked to the Virgin America check-in counter and basically told the clerk that we wanted to get tickets to go somewhere but we didn’t have a destination in mind. She took up the challenge with gusto, looking up flights and recommending destinations to us. It turned out that our options were limited—the last affordable flights of the night were going to LA and Las Vegas, and the only remaining return flight from Las Vegas the next day was first class. (Contrary to popular belief, young people who have just gotten out of school are not made of money.)

Virgin America

So we ended up getting tickets to LA, and our enthusiastic clerk got us really good seats. Because our timing was just right, we breezed through a practically empty security checkpoint and then walked onto the plane before we even had time to look up a hotel or things to do, or maybe think about regretting our decisions.

Our flight was relaxing—our captain was especially cheerful and Virgin America keeps exceeding our expectations—and in under an hour we landed in LA and hopped into a cab. Bryce keeps several travel apps on his iPhone, and we used Gogobot to look up a hotel. We chose the Westin Bonaventure, where a very nice clerk booked us a room on one of the highest floors. Barely two hours after deciding to just up and go to the airport for the hell of it, Bryce and I headed out in search of adventure.

We found a Japanese-American fusion restaurant, Chaya, and had fun exploring the menu.

Last minute traveling has an odd way of tiring you out, and so our plans to really explore the city were trashed in favor of getting a decent night’s sleep. Bryce set an early morning alarm with the intent of exploring then, but when morning rolled around we decided that we just like sleep too much.

LA morning

In a nutshell, we flew to LA to have dinner and to sleep. No regrets.

The next morning we woke up a little farther away from home; it was exactly what we needed. After breakfast and some mild exploring in which we ran around taking photos of completely unimportant things, we hopped in a private black car, got back to LAX, and enjoyed a sunny, scenic flight back to San Francisco. When we got back, we picked up our lives right where we had left off. No one at our respective workplaces noticed, and we had one more adventure under our belts.

Have you ever dropped everything and left for a spontaneous adventure? Tell your story in the comments!

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